Art is science made clear.

—Wilson Mizner


The Art & Science of Print = HardingPoorman


When guided by the hands of a master craftsman, the beauty of the medium is captivating. When supported by the latest technology, operating a world-class printing and fulfillment facility is truly a science. 21st century commercial printing combines the art of applying ink on any surface with scientific breakthroughs that have advanced the quality and the productivity of an industry that has existed for centuries.

The Art & Science of Print

Artistically, print communications are delicately crafted. Scientifically, print has evolved from letterpress to lasers. As a result, The Art & Science of Print thematically fits perfectly inside our collective brain because artistic talents stem from the right hemisphere of brain while cognitive, analytical skills are produced from the left. At HardingPoorman, both hemispheres are fully engaged inside our studios, our offices and print production areas.

But science doesn’t stop inside the medium itself. Scientific methods extend to validating the power of print. We learn better and purchase more, we learn faster and purchase more frequently, and we retain more information and become a loyal customers when we interact with printed tactile materials.

Experts in the field of neuroscience are beyond predicting human behavior and they’re armed with data to prove it.  Human beings crave connections and the connection between human behavior and print is undeniable.


Our partners at Sappi, one of the the world’s largest paper companies, are experts in the field of paper and the science of touch have published their research via HAPTIC BRAIN, HAPTIC BRAND: A COMMUNICATOR’S GUIDE TO THE NEUROSCIENCE OF TOUCH; an educational journal targeted to marketers so that they too, can grasp print’s enormous power.

Given our like-minded approach to providing the highest quality of print on the planet, HardingPoorman selected Sappi as our house-stock paper provider. Sappi’s business philosophy, their stance on the environment coupled with their forward-facing approach to our industry, align with our core values making us ideal partners.

Want a copy of Haptic Brain, Haptic Brand: A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch?

Follow the link to Sappi and request this invaluable resource.


Color Management


HardingPoorman is known as a hi-def printer because when the art & science of print production collide, the results often leave our customers speechless. Color management is a science that correctly ensures color fidelity throughout the process.

In today’s digital workflow, we use a wide variety of image capturing devices and an equally large number of output devices. Therefore, we use the G7 calibration method which ensures a similar visual appearance for all devices. G7 calibration allows us to calibrate to an Industry specification to insure we meet the goals of our customers.

Consistent and repeatable printing is our goal.  The G7 calibration method is based on neutral appearance and grey balance.  Its outcome is to bring any device that produces color into a predictable known state.  Printers around the world have widely adopted the GRACoL specification supported and certified by IDEAlliance G7 Experts.

We achieve predictable results by utilizing G7 because a digital file cannot perfectly correspond to a printed sheet. The most glaring mismatch occurs because Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) is used to describe digital image colors but commercial printing utilizes Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink (CMYK). Color management helps to minimize these factors so that a consistent and accurate color match is possible.

The depth of knowledge that our Color Management team possesses is unparalleled and it’s available our clients.  There’s not another printer with the level of expertise that understands the complexities of color management. The experience underneath the hood at HardingPoorman keeps our color wheel spinning vibrantly on each and every job.


Color is complex. Designers face color challenges everyday that impact a final printed piece.

Does your team need guidance and support throughout the process? If so, HardingPoorman offers PrintU,  an educational workshop and support seminars to help your team produce mouth-dropping work. Come to our shop or we’ll visit yours. We’re equipped with the latest color-management tools and a comfy client office that can become your space while you’re visiting ours.

Press checks are a no-brainer at HardingPoorman. You make the call, we’re here to support and dial in. We encourage customer engagement. Please ask us. Please consult with us. Take advantage of our expertise.