Irresistible Mail by USPS

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Last week, our team participated in a LUNCH & LEARN about IRRESISTIBLE MAIL - WHEN PAPER & PIXELS CONVERGE hosted by the USPS.  Now more than ever, direct mail has become a sensory, interactive experience that's getting a lot of attention as well as results.

Our data echoes industry trends.  Year to date, our direct mail business has experienced 42% growth over where we were at this same time in 2016.  In addition to growth, we're experiencing a heightened level of creativity in overall direct mail design that incorporates sensory and technology user experiences into omni-channel marketing strategies.

You can learn more about IRRESISTIBLE MAIL via a FREE (and gorgeous) SAMPLE BOOK to help make your next marketing campaign irresistible!  Sign up for your free copy HERE.

How We Use Technology to YOUR Advantage


At HardingPoorman, the more printing we can get from each press sheet, the better our pricing. And the less paper waste there is in every printing run, the better for the environment.

That’s why we use planning software. Our sophisticated planning software was developed specifically for our industry and customized specifically for us.  This program helps us determine the best way to print multiple projects on the same sheet and create the least amount of waste. By running multiple print jobs simultaneously, HardingPoorman reduces human error, reduces the amount of time our presses run, and saves everyone on materials and labor.

We use this software in two important ways. Not only do we use it on print-ready projects, but we can also use it when do upfront pricing estimates for our clients.

On longer print runs, the software’s recommended changes in job layout can save literally thousands of sheets of paper. That makes good sense for our clients and the environment.

Next time you need a printing estimate, you’ll know you are saving time, money and printing greener, all right here at HardingPoorman.

HardingPoorman Recertified for Color Management


HardingPoorman has officially completed the IDEAlliance G7 Master re-certification for offset printing and proofing.

“G7 Master” status is granted to physical facilities qualified to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process and uses the most modern technology, techniques, and press controls to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

What does this mean for you?  It ensures that certified printers are able to produce the very best color to the highest standards.

The Master G7 program is very highly regarded in the printing industry. Less than 3% of all commercial printers in the United States are G7 certified.  HardingPoorman is proud to among this elite group.

Special appreciation goes to Robert Burger (Pressroom Manager) and Deniece Pride (Prepress), who together, organized and managed the calibration data, proofs initiatives, and submission processes.

HardingPoorman is pleased to appear in The Official Directory of IDEAlliance Certified Experts, Professionals and Qualified Masters.

Direct Mail ROI


Direct mail has grown up. And it has a lot of power – not to mention return on investment (ROI). Direct mail spending is on the rise according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), who anticipates that direct mail spending will surpass $13 billion in 2013.

Why? Direct mail is rebounding along with the economy as retailers, housing, financial services, and automotive markets surge forward.

So, not only can direct mail coexist with other media, it still trumps it on spending and influence.

Consider these statistics:

    • In 2012, direct marketing accounted for 8.3% of total US gross domestic product (GDP). This year, it is forecasted to reach 8.8%
    • Early estimates by the DMA have suggested that ad spending by marketers and retailers on direct mail campaigns will continue to grow at a rate of 2.4 percent over the next two years.
    • According to Net News Check, local retail ad spending is expected to surpass $26.8 billion in 2013. Of that, nearly half (42.5 percent) is estimated to go to direct mail. 

Today’s direct mail campaigns are savvy, highly-targeted, personalized, and often connected to social media. With new and advanced tracking technologies, companies are able to track their direct mail investment and tweak their strategies.

Find out how HardingPoorman can help you target your next direct mail campaign.