What is fulfillment and how it saves money


A basic definition of fulfillment is to pull together all the required pieces of an order and deliver them to the intended recipient in the promised time line.  If you really dive deeper into the definition you will learn that there are many aspects of fulfillment such as printing, organizing, stocking, hand-assembling, matching invitees and product numbers, receiving orders, overnight shipping… and the list goes on and on.

Five steps to setting up your printing and fulfillment plan

Setting up your printing and fulfillment plan isn't difficult as long as you establish it carefully and with the help of experts. The most important factor is you should work with your printing and fulfillment company when devising your plan. Making the printing company an active member of your plan ensures they will know where you are along each step of your production. Following these guidelines will help you incorporate your printing company into your team and make sure communications and actions are coordinated.