Green is more than a color


HardingPoorman is a role model and industry leader for environmentally conscious practices. We’re judicious in our use of materials and consumption of energy and we constantly research new ways to recycle and reuse. We educate our team about clean business practices and we encourage our vendors and customers to work with us in this endeavor. Through continuous improvement and measurement, we reduce our impact on the planet and preserve natural resources for future generations.


Although we’re a ‘green leader,’ we’re always looking for ways to reduce our ecological footprint.


Our Goals:

  • Reduce administrative/office paper usage company-wide by 50%

  • Continue to research vendors' environmental policies and make a part of their vendor rating.

  • Continue our research of environmental groups and seek potential partnerships.

  • Continue to make facility improvements to make our building more energy-efficient through lighting and overall power usage.

Our Accomplishments:

  • 1st business in Indiana to purchase 100% green power (5th business nationwide)*

  • 1st Printer in Indiana to purchase 100% Green Power*

  • Ranked 10th in the United States for top annual green power purchases among printers*

  • Have a closed loop reuse & recycle system for fountain solutions so waste is not sent into the septic system.

  • Use 2% VOC soy inks reducing our air emissions such that we no longer require an air permit.

  • Our inks are recycled, not sent to landfills.

  • Recycle plastic waste from press, shrink-wrap material and plastic drink bottles.

  • Recycle cardboard, aluminum cans, metal from skid bands, and office paper.

  • Eliminated Styrofoam cups in our building.

  • Established recycling program for employees’ material from home.

  • In 2013, our green power purchases avoided 4,659 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.* That's equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions from 891 passenger vehicles, CO2 emissions from 524,017 gallons of gasoline consumed, CO2 emissions from burning 24.3 railcars of coal, or CO2 emissions from electricity use of 605 average American homes for one year.

*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership