Think Mail. Feel Free.


HardingPoorman's Mailing Services range from basic to full service. Our Mailing Team can assist your business with all mailing needs with a special focus on ensuring the lowest possible postage rate. Our in-house USPS Mail Clerk allows us to offer the best possible piece to mail stream turn-times.

Variable data and direct marketing

Connect with your customers on a personal level through variable data marketing. With variable data printing (VDP) you can target your specific market and give your customers and potential customers a customized mail campaign. Utilizing expert list management and personalized web pages, you can help your customers obtain important information about your product.

Sorting and inkjet addressing

Our sophisticated computer systems quickly and automatically sort addresses to post office specifications, ensuring you always receive the lowest postage possible for your mailings. After sorting, digital information is sent to our high speed inkjet printing system that prints addresses directly onto the mailer, once again saving time and money without the hassle of a label.

Our UV ink system allows us to inkjet directly on plastic substrates, as well as paper products, without smudging. Our inserting equipment features a camera system quality check that reads the address after it is printed, ensuring the match mail process is without defect- from postcards to flat size envelopes, our equipment is versatile and capable of processing a wide variety of mail piece sizes and shapes, and in large volumes.

Mailing lists

You may choose to provide us with your mailing list. We can also provide you with a wide variety of targeting mailing lists, customized based on your chosen demographics, to reach just the right audience.

Examples include:

  • Attendee/Membership Lists

  • Business Lists

  • Consumer Lists

  • New Homeowners Lists

  • Resident/Occupant Lists

  • Subscription Lists

  • Custom Lists

  • Business Reply Mail

    Business Reply Mail allows you to pay the postage for return postcards, envelopes, or labels.