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For decades, commercial printing has been the foundation of our business and we’ve evolved over time. 21st century printing is about more than simply applying ink on paper. Given the advances of technology, commercial printing includes a multitude of options that offer multi-sensory experiences.



HardingPoorman is known as a hi-def printer because visually, our hi-definition, off set printing process exceeds conventional printing. We utilize stochastic printing processes that offer more detail and greater color saturation and consistency. Stochastic actually increases the light that reflects back to the eye from the printed image so you can truly see the difference. We pride ourselves in offering a noticeable quality difference during A/B print comparisons when evaluating traditional vs. stochastic printing. Our color management team is world-class and they love to talk about color. Ask our Color Team to show you the Hi-Def difference!


Ultraviolet (UV) printing is the process of using UV inks instead of traditional inks. Traditional inks are solvent based and dry by allowing chemicals to evaporate over time. UV inks are dried (cured) with UV light.

Why UV?

  • It's green! Because the ink is dried immediately with UV lamps, there are virtually no chemicals (VOC's) released into the air.

  • It's fast! No waiting for inks to dry.

  • It's cost effective! You save time and money because aqueous coatings are often applied when using traditional inks to promote faster drying times and to prevent smearing and smudging. UV printing does not require aqueous coating.

  • It's appealing! UV inks are vibrant since the ink does not have as much time to soak into the stock. The printed surface is also harder and therefore, UV provides a brilliant sheen.


Images literally come to life via 3D UV printing! With 3D UV, images have depth and texture and the end result is mind-blowing. The raised UV process presents designers with new capabilities to create stunning visual enhancement.  3D UV offers unmistakable tactile effects that are sure stand out from the ordinary.


Printing on plastic brings the latest innovation and technology to your print projects. Across the United States, nationally recognized pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies, associations and membership organizations turn to us for static-cling decals, membership cards and other unique plastic products. Specialty substrates are fun and engaging and most of all, memorable.

Ask us for samples.




The weight and finish of paper stocks, eco-friendly paper compositions, plastic and substrates, dynamic and fluorescent inks and varnishes create texture to brochures, sales sheets, catalogs and direct mail that make print touchable, memorable and collectible.



Print is interactive and hi-tech so it’s often the trigger that accesses multimedia via Augmented Reality, QR codes and video brochures. Direct mail becomes an interactive and engaging experience. Point-of-purchase can sing & dance and a postcard can literally shift your reality.



As one of only a few printers in the United States, HardingPoorman uses Scientific™, a micro encapsulation process that enables lasting preservation of scent samples. In other words, Scratch & Sniff. The essential oils enclosed are applied directly with an overprint-varnish on printed paper products as an after-effect.

The sense of smell is powerful and when integrated into marketing initiatives, it can serve to make a lasting and memorable impression.

Why not make your print make scents! We have an extensive list of scents available so contact us to learn more about incorporating scents into your next print campaign.

Wide-Format Printing

Think Big. Feel Large.


Our wide-format team is large and in charge of the wide-format experience at HardingPoorman. Whether you need one bold statement or multi-panel murals, our wide format division delivers in a big way. We have a full array of equipment including a UV flatbed printer that allows us to print directly on many different types of substrates and a ZUND cutter for specializing digital cutting for wide-format and other specialties too.

Large format includes:

  • Banners

  • Artboards

  • Trade show or exhibit signage

  • Wall graphics

  • Window graphics

  • Floor graphics

  • Vehicle graphics

  • Retail / Point of Purchase display graphics



Think On Demand Printing. Feel Genius.

Order what you need-when you need it. Eliminate obsolescence, make frequent content changes, save money and improve cash flow. When you need print fast, we deliver in 24-48 hours.

Digital Printing has come a long way in a short period of time regarding quality output. Given the strides that have been made in the world of digital printing, we recently acquired the perfect solution for our customers via Canon’s C10,000. In just a few months of use, it’s exceeding our quality expectations. We’re thrilled to be the only commercial printer in the Mid-West with this equipment and our clients are happy too. Cost savings and high quality output makes everyone a happy-camper.

You be the judge. Contact us to see mind-blowing digital samples.


Perfect for:

  • Training materials

  • Manuals, instruction booklets and other literature with frequent copy changes

  • Books

  • Brochures, signage and materials for trade shows and seminars

  • Customized catalogs and sales force literature