Think Quality. Feel Confident. 



At HardingPoorman, ZERO is a BIG number and it's the number itself, that represents our quality initiatives. Through collaboration with our current clients we have created a formalized set of procedures that embrace the "Zero Defect" policy and these procedures have been implemented throughout our facility.

This program, along with the purchase of new equipment and our current Quality Management System, supports our clients who need a guarantee that their products are compliant with regulatory requirements.


HardingPoorman is certified to ISO international standard 9001:2015.

In addition to following the guidelines for ISO 9001:2008, HardingPoorman has recently been certified as ISO 2001:2015; a year prior to the deadline for recertification.  In addition to ISO, we've implemented a Quality Management System in order to document our company's best practices, to better satisfy the expectations of clients, and to improve the overall management of the company.



  • On-time delivery of 100%.

  • Spoilage below 2% of sales.

  • Reduce the number of internal incident reports.

  • Improve on the measures used to track key accounts.


  • On-time delivery of 97.2%.

  • Spoilage of 1.18%.

  • Client satisfaction rating of 98.8%.

The HardingPoorman Pledge

QualityService - Our Pledge - On Time Delivery
  • Guarantee on-time delivery.

  • Customers can expect a response within one hour of their request.

  • Estimates within 24 hours (or when promised).

  • We understand customer expectations and effectively communicate them to production.

  • We will notify customers of alteration charges and schedule changes.

  • We will return all customer property.

  • We will ensure packaging and packing lists are to our customer’s expectations.

  • We will deliver to the right location.

  • We will complete color proofs within 24 hours (or when promised).

  • If there are issues with an order, we will discuss them with the customer prior to delivery.

  • Customer’s items that are stored in our warehouse will be shipped within 24 hours of request.

  • We will enter and preflight jobs within 2 hours of receipt and plan jobs within 4 hours.